a. Etymology

Poblacion was formerly known as Man-atong and was the erstwhile center of the municipality during the Spanish and American Occupations up to the late 1960’s. The earliest “Tinibunal” (Tribunal) was established here for tax collection and administrative purpose. The Americans opened a school here in 1909, an event that solidified the barrio’s stature as Buguias “Central” or Poblacion.


b. Establishment of the Barangay

Poblacion was created under RA 4695 on June 18, 1966 as one of the Oldest Barangay in the municipality

Poblacion composed of 14 sitios namely: Buguias Central, Wallayan, Tanggawan, Naybo, Padang, Beka, Cayabyab, Demang, Man-atong, Capuyoan, Kapangngan, Lingadan, Lilit, and Bogeyas.

Barangay Officials



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