a. Etymology

Loo derived its name from a person named “LO-O” who lived in the heart of the place

Loo is where the location of the well known “LOO VALLEY”. Now, Loo is becoming the educational center of the north of Benguet. This is justified by the presence of the Benguet State University-Baguias Campus, Buguias National High School-Loo Extension and the Loo Elementary School.


b. Establishment of the Barangay

Loo was formerly one (1) of the original nineteen (19) township of Benguet. It was, however, later merged with Buguias, which became a regular municipality only during the post-war period. With the passage of RA 4695 on June 18, 1966, Loo became a barangay.

Loo composed of 12 sitios namely: Loo proper, Singi, Tattabing, Modayan, Ludeg, Kitongan, Taba-ao, Togtogyon, Pan-ayaoan, Pusong, Lanas, and Babangnga

Barangay Officials



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