a. Etymology

In the late 1800’s there was a lake along the lower mountain side of Lengaoan. A crocodile was believed to have been residing in this lake. When Langbis died in the Early 1839’s the people threw this wooden chair (Sangadil) used at his wake in the lake. The lake exploded and disappeared. The people described the site of the lake then as “nalengoan”. It was this term that stacked and modified into today’s name of the place as Lengaoan.


b. Establishment of the Barangay

Barangay Lengaoan was formerly a part of Barangay Amgaleyguey. Lengaoan was created into a barangay under Sangguniang Panlalawigan Resolution No. 919 and Ordinance No. 14 approved on October 21,1991 and ratified by the residents on January 26, 1992.

There are 20 sitios in the barangay namely; Lengaoan Proper, Pilando, Alibacong, Egang, Akipan, Gatiley, Bileng, Cada, Daldal, Igang, Lengaoan Junction, Moyong, Pegpeg, Sacyaban, Pas-adan, Payosipis, Nakapian, Labay, Sayangngan and Ili.


Barangay Officials



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