a. Etymology

On the early days, Bangao was called “Elengan”, which means resting place. It was in the 1950’s when a primary school was established in the area that the name “Bangao” was adopted. The new name was derived from the word “nabngao”, which means empty rice hall since the place was once known for its rice-crop.


b. Establishment of the Barangay

Bangao was created under Republic Act No. 4695 dated June 18, 1966. It is located at the northern part of the municipality where the legendary well “Cotcot Aso” is located.

Bangao composed of 11 sitios namely: Amdodon, Bangao proper, Cotcot, Bowas, Bolinaca, Bengbeng, Landingan, Amdodon, Daligdig, Tin-apan, and Patogong.

Barangay Officials



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