Baculongan Sur



Baculongan Sur is one of the oldest among the 14 barangay of the Municipality of Buguias. It was created in June 1966 during the term of Mayor Gavino Bay-an appointing Mr. Taynan Dontogan as the Barangay Captain. The substancial number of votes it provided was seen to have influence this decision. Butag Ligmayo, one of the early settlers in the area was elected as town mayor in 1946-1949.

Because of its area, two other barangays were created; Baculongan Norte and Sebang were formed from the original Baculongan. In 1983, during the term of Barangay Captain Manuel Gatab, Baclongan Norte was created under RA 4695 with Mayoteng Bolislis as the fisrt Barangay Captain. In December 16, 1993 during the term of Barangay Captaion Calines Pacio, Baculongan Sur was subdivided again creating the separate barangay Sebang under Snguniang Panlalawigan resulotion Number 1118 with Ruben Camas as the first appointed Barangay Captain.

The name of the community was derived from the vernacular term “Colongan” which means pigpen, a place where domesticated pigs were kept to protect them from pests. It became ‘Baculongan” when the American Benzon survey team reffered to the place as such in 1907.

The community also onced served as transshipment point for traders from Ahin, Tinoc, Hapaw and Hungduan who bartered goods to and from Cervantes and Lepanto. People who have been traveling through the place were onces who fisrt saw the potencial of Baculongan Sur as settlement area.

Baculongan Sur was inhabited by the sons of Annno, Aguindang, Aganga-ang, Bayeng, Calatan and Mantak who traced their origins from Baugan, Palatang, Ahin, Tinoc, Hapaw, and Hungduan. Pioneering clans exist Alingbas, Dongao, Kidadosan, Lacaden, Danao, Baglao, Kakkan, Tangga-an and Akop.

The settlement started to grow in the middle of 1900s as more migrant settled in the area. To date, Baculongan Sur was dominated by the decendants of Akop, Alingbas, Baglao, Kakkakan, Lacaden and Tangaa-an.


b.Establishment of the Barangay

Baculongan Sur was carved out from Barcelonan by virtue of Sangguniang Panlalawigan resolution No. 711 in 1983

Baculongan Sur composed of 41 sitios namely: Man-atong, Bad-ayan, Sawmill, Sayangan, Dalimono, Caulaan, Man-sok, Pingew, Enpogong, Tabbac, Sipitan, Padang, Obanga, Amcawagas, Paing, Poa, Baney, Cayapas, Balintag, Baugan, Calagan, Deccan, Telitel, Apal, Toplac, Patpat, Lammagan, Napeyasan, Teging, Alang, Cudal, Enga, Sabyatan, Labong, Lobban, Sacga-ang, Abbao, Moling, Balangabang, Centro, and Tabaaw.

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