Amgaleyguey was created under Republic Act No. 4695 on June 18, 1966

Amgaleyguey got its name from the word “Nagalegaleyygey”. This is justified by too many creeks bisected the area in a parallel formation flowing to the Agno river.
Amgaleyguey was one of the six settlements comprising the barrio of Lut-ac. It became a separate barangay appended to the municipality of Buguias when Lut-ac was annexed into Pacso of the Municipality of Kabayan. It also covered the settlements of Natubleng before Natubleng became a separate barangay in 1971.
Amgaleyguey composed of 22 sitios namely: Sinipsip, Desaagan (KM. 73), Guiwey, Saclalan, Ballay, Pusel, Akiki, Alibacong, Amgaleyguey Proper, Apa, Guiday, Kaaduan, Cagam-is, Catadtada, Maallad, Nansabatan, Paas, Palidan, Polis, Peggeyna, Sangde, and Tacao.

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